Press Clipping

The Sea Unites Us: Newpoli Draws on Southern Italy’s Deep Traditions and Trans-Mediterranean Connections to Humanize Migrants on Mediterraneo
SAT, NOV 17, 2018 8:00 PM

Newpoli’s Carmen Marsico, Angela Rossi and Fabio Pirozzolo grew up hearing the ornaments and songs in their corner of southern Italy, Campania and Basilicata: The ballads and women’s songs vibrating with intricate ornaments, the voices raised at church or in kitchens to the thrum of the tamburello. Yet over time, they and their musical kindred spirits in the Boston-based band began to hear other things, the microtonal and rhythmic moments that hinted at a wider musical world. Newpoli traces and expands these sounds on Mediterraneo (release: Oct. 4, 2018). Chants, pizzicas and tarantellas (the latter performed to counteract the stultifying effects of spider bites) cross paths with new songs and tunes and instruments, insisting all bond more closely with both neighbors and the newcomers in their midst.