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New Poli: Mediterranean (CD)

I first realized that sound recordings are not a fixed thing when I discovered that cassette tapes and tape recordings do not constitute the limit of technological development, as there are also CDs, DVDs and BRs. I also have an idea about how many musicians look for fans, but their music doesn’t reach the right audiences in their lifetime. For the last couple of years, the whole music industry has been saying that it is not worth it to release CDs, as the real profit is in live tours. Despite this, there are still musicians out there who don’t hesitate to start a crowdfunding campaign to finance publishing physical recordings (and any related activities, such as music videos, promotion etc.). Of course, not all of them reach their goal, but those who do have the opportunity to make themselves heard without the help of major producers – but one question remains: where and by whom will these recordings be distributed?

To be honest, I did not expect that Newpoli, having published four albums already, will start an Indiegogo campaign to finance their next one. But this is what happened, and it seems that it was successful, as they are releasing Mediterraneo at the beginning of October. Their music is undoubtedly rooted in Southern Italy, home of pizzica and tarantella. Over the years, they enriched these with features that also originate primarily from the Mediterranean – such as instrumentation or vocal technique –, creating exciting and fresh music. In my opinion, it is not a self-satisfying flare, but a true manifestation of the cultural mix of and affinity for the Mediterranean.

In light of this, it is not so surprising that the record has an unusual rhythmicality and atmosphere to say the least; the band obviously set out to compose the songs with a clear vision. They clearly stay true to the traditions. In fact, they draw a lot from them, but it is evident that they turned it into something new that really suits them. The best example for this might be the almost ten-minute-long “Pizzica degli Ucci”. At first, I didn’t even know what to think of them, as their music seemed to be more discrete, more sophisticated than that of the first generation bands or the ones still living under the Italian skies. I somewhat missed the passion, the fervor the latter have. But it is also not salon music by some chamber orchestra, it is the musical credo of a small group of musicians. And if somewhat discretely, it still has the Latin passion, complete with political lyrics. It would be nice to see them live, as I believe that the true value of this kind of music can be best experienced in live gigs.

Recommended for: It is a Southern Italian delicacy, recommended for everyone.
Album released in 2018 (Beartones)
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