Press Clipping


Beartones, 2018


Listen to Mediterraneo

An 8 piece outfit from Boston who borrow sounds from Southern Italy and the surrounding countries, Newpoli birth what they call ‘Mediterranean Pulse’, though it more closely resembles a very cultured version of folk-rock with both traditional and original compositions.

At over an hour, there’s much to get lost in here, from Greek and Turkish sounds to Spanish flair and an overall global jam band feel that twists and turns with authentic and varied ideas. Vocalists Carmen Marsico and Angela Rossi provide rich, soulful and agile singing to the album, and it mixes well with the assembly of atypical instruments that produce dramatic and often potent sounds that Westerners could benefit from hearing more of.

Lyrically, the band are on top of current political issues, specifically immigration, as these songs do address migrants moving to safer areas, and, impressively, the packaging even contains English translations for clearer communication.

A perfect example of how powerful world music can be, Mediterraneo is a must for all who appreciate diversity.

Travels well with: Antonio Castrignano- Fomenta; Officina Zoe- Mamma Sirena